Student Session

The ESSLLI 2018 Student Session will be held during ESSLLI 2018 at Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria between the dates of August 6 – 17, 2018.

Week 1 & 2, 15:50 – 16:50, Room 272, Floor 3

The Student Session is a forum for PhD and Master students to present their research at the interfaces of logic, language and computation. It features three tracks: Logic & Computation (LoCo), Logic & Language (LoLa), and Language & Computation (LaCo).


The Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2018 Student Session can be downloaded from here.


First Week

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
  LoCo LoLa LaCo LoLa  
15:50-16:20 Social Choice and the Problem of Recommending Essential Readings Silvan Hungerbühler, Haukur Páll Jóhnsson, Grzegorz Lisowski, Max Rapp Conservativeness, Language, and Deflationary Metaontology Jonas Raab Playing with Information Source Velislava Todorova Compositionality in Privative Adjectives: Extending Dual Content Semantics Joshua Martin Beth prize talk
16:20-16:50 Rule-based Reasoners in Epistemic Logic Anthia Solaki Disjunction under Deontic Modals: Experimental Data Ying Liu D3 as a 2-MCFL Konstantinos Kogkalidis, Orestis Melkonian Definiteness in Shan Mary Moroney  
Poster (flash) Explainability of Irrational Argument Labelings Grzegorz Lisowski Metafictional Anaphora: A Comparison of Different Accounts Merel Semeijn Incorporating Chinese Radicals Into Neural Machine Translation: Deeper Than Character Level Lifeng Han, Shaohui Kuang Free Relatives, Feature Recycling, and Reprojection in Minimalist Grammars Richard Stockwell  

Second Week

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  13th 14th 15th 16th 17th
  LoLa LaCo LoLa Laco/LoCo  
15:50-16:20 Fighting for a share of the covers: Accounting for inaccessible readings of plural predicates Kurt Erbach Classifying Estonian Web Texts Kristiina Vaik Interpreting Intensifiers for Relative Adjectives: Comparing Models and Theories Zhuoye Zhao The Limitations of Cross-language Word Embeddings Evaluation Amir Bakarov Posters
16:20-16:50 “First things First”: an Inquisitive Plausibility-Urgency Model Zhuoye Zhao, Paul Seip The Challenge of Natural Language Understanding – what can Humans teach Machines about Language? Lenka Bajcetic Representing Scalar Implicatures in Distributional Semantics Maxime Corbeil Harrop: A new tool in the kitchen of intuitionistic logic Andrea Condoluci, Matteo Manighetti  
Poster (flash) Towards an analysis of agent-oriented manner adverbials in German Ekaterina Gabrovska Towards a Cognitive Model of the Semantics of Spatial Prepositions Adam Richard-Bollans Perspective blending in graphic media Sofia Bimpikou Simulating the No Alternatives Argument in a Social Setting Lauren Edlin Awards

Important Dates

Please take note of the following important dates:

  • Submission deadline: March 5, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: May 1, 2018
  • Submission of camera-ready extended papers: July 2, 2018
  • Conference dates: August 6-17, 2018

Call for Papers

  • About: We invite submissions of original, unpublished work from students in any area at the intersection of Logic & Language, Language & Computation, or Logic & Computation. Submissions will be reviewed by several experts in the field, and accepted papers will be presented orally or as posters and selected papers will appear in the Student Session proceedings by Springer. This is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable feedback from expert readers and to present your work to a diverse audience.
  • Oral/Poster Presentations: Note that there are two separate kinds of submissions, one for oral presentations and one for posters. This means that papers are directly submitted either as oral presentations or as poster presentations. Reviewing and ranking will be done separately. We particularly encourage submissions for posters, as they offer an excellent opportunity to present smaller research projects and research in progress.
  • Sponsorship and Prizes: Springer generously supports the ESSLLI Student Session by offering prizes for a total of 1000€ in Springer books. The best poster and the best talk will each be awarded Springer book vouchers of 500€ each. Тhe Axioms Journal will kindly present their “Axioms award” of 300 CHF to a distinguished student paper within the journal subject areas. The prizes are awarded based on the reviews of the submission as well as the oral/poster presentation.


Below you can find the submission and publication policies for the Student Session.

Submission policies:

  • All authors must be students, i.e., authors may not have received their PhD degree before August 2018.
  • Submissions may be singly or jointly authored. No one may submit more than one singly and one jointly authored paper.
  • If a student wants to submit both to the Student Session and to another workshop hosted by ESSLLI 2018 the presentations should be different from each other.
  • Submissions should not be longer than 8 pages for an oral presentation and 4 pages for a poster presentation (including examples and references).
  • Submissions must be in PDF format. We strongly recommend to use the LNCS Springer class files for LaTeX2e, since accepted papers will have to be written in this format for the proceedings (See below for more information). If you do not use this template, make sure that your submission meets the following criteria: DIN A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm), 4.5 cm top margin, 4 cm right margin, 6.5 cm bottom margin, 5 cm left margin, Helvetica, 10 pts.
  • Submissions must be anonymous. That is, the submitted PDF file is not allowed to contain any information by which the author(s) can be identified, e.g., no author names.
  • Submissions must be received by March 5, 2018 (by 23:59 GMT time) and must be submitted through EasyChair.

Publication policies:

  • If a paper has been accepted for the program of the Student Session but the author(s) cannot attend the Student Session and present their work, the paper might not be accepted for publication.
  • Accepted papers will have to be written in LaTeX in standard LNCS format (10 pts), by using the Springer class files for LaTeX2e (You can find more information about this format here).
  • Authors are expected to improve their papers according to the the reviewers comments and suggestions.


Attendance of the ESSLLI 2018 Student Session including presenting a poster or a talk requires registering for ESSLLI.


ESSLLI 2018 Student Session Organizers:

Jennifer Sikos (Universität Stuttgart)

LoCo co-chairs:
Ilina Stoilkovska (TU Wien)
Nika Pona (Universitat de Barcelona)

LoLa co-chairs:
Carina Kauf (Universität Göttingen)
Swantje Tönnis (Universität Graz)

LaCo co-chairs:
Martin Schmitt (LMU Munich)
Chantal Van Son (Vrije U. Amsterdam)


For any questions, comments or remarks, please feel free to contact us at