New Developments in Belief Revision



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Advanced Course

New Developments in Belief Revision,
Richard Booth (Cardiff University, UK) and Giovanni Casini (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Week 1, 9:00 – 10:30, Room 224, Floor 1

Belief change is a research field that has been deeply investigated in the last thirty years. Rooted in the seminal paper by Alchourrón, Gärdenfors and Makinson (AGM), belief change continues to be a very active research area. Due to the interest that a number of areas of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning have in the belief change theory, the AGM approach has been developed from the original proposal in various directions in order to handle different levels of expressivity, different kinds of entailment relations and cognitive models that do not correspond to the ones associated to original AGM formulation. The aim of this course is to bring its participants up-to-date by presenting an overview of what we think are the most significant and exciting developments over the last five years, ranging from the introduction of new semantics, to handling previously ignored formal languages and entailment relations.

Lecture Slides

Chapter 1: Introduction and AGM Theory

Chapter 2: Interval-based Revision

Chapter 3: Trust-sensitive Revision

Chapter 4: The Outcome-based Approach: Descriptor Revision

Chapter 5: Belief Change in Horn Logic

Chapter 6: Belief Change and Non-monotonic Reasoning

Chapter 7: Belief Change and Description Logics