Multi-Agent Deontic Logic: Reasoning About Normative Multi-Agent Systems

Logic and Computation Courses

Advanced Course

Multi-Agent Deontic Logic: Reasoning About Normative Multi-Agent Systems,
Gabriella Pigozzi (University Paris-Dauphine, France) and Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

The aim of the course is to present deontic logic from a formal of view, highlighting the practical challenges raised by agents, detachment, exceptions and multiagent organizations. It is therefore complementary to most presentations of deontic logic focusing on the philosophical motivations and paradoxes, or giving a linguistic perspective on deontic modality. In particular, we first present STIT theory addressing the challenges of non-deterministic actions, moral luck and procrastination. We continue with alternative norm-based deontic logics addressing the challenge of multiagent detachment, when agents cannot assume that other agents comply with their norms. Conflicts among norms are resolved using formal argumentation, and organizations are described using collective attitudes and constitutive norms. We illustrate the logics with examples from applications in machine ethics and legal informatics, as well as other domains of normative multiagent systems.