Logics for Epistemic and Strategic Reasoning in Multi-Agent Systems



Language and Logic Courses

Advanced Course

Logics for Epistemic and Strategic Reasoning in Multi-Agent Systems,
Valentin Goranko (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Week 1, 14:00 – 15:30, Room 243, Floor 2

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This course is intended for a wide audience with basic knowledge of modal and temporal logics. I will introduce and discuss some of the most important and popular families of logics for multi-agent systems (MAS), starting with multi-agent epistemic and dynamic epistemic logics. Then I will focus on logics for strategic reasoning and abilities in MAS: with complete information or with incomplete and imperfect information; with no memory, bounded memory, or perfect recall of players; for reasoning within dynamically changing strategy contexts or constructive concepts of strategy, etc. I will also discuss the interaction between information and strategic abilities in MAS and some applications to multi-agent planning and to multi-player games