Introduction to Formal Argumentation



Language and Logic Courses

Introductory Course

Introduction to Formal Argumentation,
Dov M. Gabbay (Bar-Ilan University, UK) and Massimiliano Giacomin (University of Brescia, Italy)

Week 2, 9:00 – 10:30, Room 272, Floor 3

The goal of the course is to introduce the research field of computational argumentation to students, young researchers, and other non-specialists, and to foster a sound understanding of its foundations, basic models adopted, fundamental methods and techniques. The course covers both abstract argumentation, which abstracts away the structure of arguments and the nature of their relations, and structured argumentation, which deals with how an argument is structured and how relationship among arguments, such as attack and support, are derived.


Introduction to Argumentation and Formal Argumentation (Day 1)

Abstract argumentation – basic concepts (Day 2)

Abstract argumentation – more advanced concepts (Day 3)

Structured argumentation – ABA, ASPIC+

Conclusion: general remarks and open issues


An interesting paper from Dov:

D. Gabbay, G. Rozenberg and Students of CS Ashkelon. Introducing Abstract Argumentation with Many Lives. Draft for ESSLLI 2018