Formal Semantics of Pictorial Narratives



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Advanced Course

Formal Semantics of Pictorial Narratives,
Dorit Abusch (Cornell University, USA) and Mats Rooth (Cornell University, USA)

Week 1, 17:00 – 18:30, Room 247A, Floor 2 Room 292, Floor 4

The class looks at current research on the semantics and pragmantics of pictorial narratives such as comics, emphasizing methods of possible worlds semantics and dynamic semantics. Such narratives show intriguing parallels with natural language narratives, and equally intriguing differences. Topics include propositional semantics for pictures, indexing, temporal progression, sentences that describe pictures, and explicit and implicated intensionality.

Overview slides from the first day are at


  1. Anaphora / Indexing Monday
  2. Temporal relations and aspect Tuesday
  3. Dynamic semantics Wednesday
  4. Pictorial free perception Thursday
  5. Sentences describing pictures, viewpoint-centered semantic values Friday


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  4. Greenberg (2017) The geometry of pictorial representation
  5. Abusch (2012) Applying discourse semantics and pragmatics to coreference in picture sequences
  6. Dehejia (1997) Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India
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  12. Hinterwimmer (2017) Two kinds of perspective taking in narrative texts
  13. Rooth and Abusch (2017) Picture descriptions and centered content
  14. Ross (1997) Semantics of Media