An Introduction to Paraconsistent Logic and its Applications


Logic and Computation Courses

Introductory Course

An Introduction to Paraconsistent Logic and its Applications,
Can Baskent (University of Bath, UK)


Paraconsistent logics are formal systems where contradictions do not entail everything. In paraconsistent logics, it is possible to have non-trivial inconsistent theories. This course introduces various well-known paraconsistent logics with an application oriented perspective. The applications are chosen from foundational issues in logic, mathematics and game theory with an aim of relating the subject to a wider audience with different backgrounds and interests. For that reason, the course targets an inter-disciplinary audience and serves as an introduction for those who are interested in non-classical logic, non-standard mathematics, set theory and game theory.

The topics of this course will include

  • Introduction to Paraconsistent Logics: Logic of Paradox, Relevant Logic and Logics of Formal Inconsistency
  • Semantic Tools and Techniques for Paraconsistent Logics
  • Paraconsistency in Set Theory, Analysis and Topology
  • Paraconsistency in Epistemic Game Theory