We booked two accommodation options for ESSLLI 2018: Students Hostels and Park Hotel Moskva.   Park Hotel Moskva is the hotel for lecturers and also provides rooms for students.

Student Hostels

We have reserved approximately 200 beds in several hostels that belong to Sofia University on the price of 10 euro/night/person. Please note that they provide basic conditions only (with WC and sheets, but no towels). Most of the rooms are double, but there are rooms with three and four beds. Double rooms could be used as a single one at a double price. The hostels are connected to the venue by convenient transport.

The student hostels do not provide breakfast or cooking facilities. However there are a lot of places for getting typical local breakfast/lunch/dinner at cheap prices nearby.

These places will be provided under the “first come, first served” principle and per week basis only. If you prefer this option please select the period of your stay in the registration form and we’ll book it for you. We’ll get in touch with you to confirm where you’ll be accommodated.

Cancellation policy: cancellation possible up to July 6th (except for the bank transfer fee).

Park Hotel Moskva

Park Hotel Moskva is the lecturer’s hotel. It is situated in Iztok quarter (see map). From there you can take the metro for 2 stops or you can take a walk through the park for about 20-25 min. We have booked extra rooms for students as well as they come on reasonable prices.

Single standard room: 30 euro

Shared standard room: 19 euro per bed – please, indicate in your booking e-mail your preferred room mate, if any.

Note, that this depends on the number of participants requested this option and additional fee may be required, if there is no other participant who wants to share a room.

For reservation, please contact directly the hotel at: with the code ‘ESSLLI 2018’ in the subject line. Also, please indicate type of the room (single or double) and dates of arrival and departure. For guaranteeing reservations, you will be requested to pre-pay 50 % of the overall sum a few weeks before the event. The price includes also breakfast, insurance, tourist tax and 9% VAT.

Please note that the organizers do not take care of the bookings in Park Hotel Moskva, you need to organize it by yourself.

Directions from accommodation to main venue:

Maps (for print-out):
Complete public transport (but only in Bulgarian)

Websites that provide transportation routes (Google Maps has incomplete information about public transport in Sofia):
Moovit app (also available in Google Play and App Store)
BGMaps (Route tab will suggest transportation options from start to end points)